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We all have our cherished dream. Someone dreams of earning their first million, others can’t live without love. There are people whose dreams are purely materials and romantics whose thoughts reach into the very sky, literally. The character of our game is just like that. For all his life, he wanted just one thing – learning to fly. The thing is that he is a penguin and, as far as official science is concerned, penguins don’t fly. But that won’t stop our bold feathered fellow from trying! Will you help him? He really counts on your assistance! So matters into your own hands and do everything in your power to implement the daring plans of this little penguin into reality!

A penguin who challenged biology

The story began when our friend decided to surf the internet and found an article claiming that penguins are deprived of the ability to fly. That really frustrated him and made him very angry. He just didn’t want to believe this could be true! So he decided that he will learn to fly no matter what. Of course, he isn’t going to achieve anything on his own. He needs a good friend, an experienced guide to teach him all the nuances. And you seem to be just the kind of person! Control your character with a slide or key arrows regulating the angle so that his flight continues without any irritating interruptions. The further you will be able to go the more points you will score. Those points are indispensable since they allow you to buy various upgrades greatly simplifying your mission. For instance, you can purchase lower air resistance or make your character capable of accelerating.

Choose your means of flying

Depending on the gaming mechanics, there will also be other powerups to strive for. Some games will set you controlling the penguin by keeping him bouncing above the water on his belly. In other arcades, your character will fly on various kinds of transportations, including gliders, rockets and even spaceships. In that case, for instance, you’ll benefit tremendously from purchasing improved fuel for your vehicle. Gliders and rockets will get ever more sophisticated and powerful with each level. However, there will also be more obstacles floating in the air that you can hit into. Dodging between them will require a lot of self-control and finger dexterity. You should also constantly track your speed on the meter in the right part of the screen. Once it goes beyond the red zone, your rocket will begin to drop. So if you aren’t attentive enough, your flight can end before you even get started. You see, there are quite a lot of aspects to take care of.

In one of the games, you’ll also take a journey across the entire North Pole flying over snowy landscapes and battling prehistoric fauna from the Ice Age. Beware, though, since you can easily bump into some object or even creature. The hero from the previous title of the same series ended up quite tragically – he hit an iceberg and had to postpone his piloting project. However, now he is back and ready to catch up!

The sky is waiting!

Learn to Fly is a fun and thrilling game that will keep you on edge for hours and offer a relaxing pastime after a stressful day. Cute graphics, dynamic gameplay, an immense number of perks and hookups make this arcade an amazing choice for all categories of players. You definitely need to try this captivating flying simulator and try all the things it has in store! There are updates regularly launching on our site, so keep your eyes peeled!