Do you know how to fly? Do you know how to steer the wheel and all this stuff? If you feel uncomfortable with this theme, then you really need to learn to fly, and the best way to do this is to open a game with the same name, and watch how a usual character takes every learning step with you. There are four versions of the game, and you can’t say that the previous one is worse than the next one, because each is peculiar in a way. For instance, in the first version the penguin is rather careless, and he doesn’t pay too much attention to his safety.

That is why he ends the game in a terrible crash, and in the next episode he is much smarter. Your main task will be to assemble flying vehicles with the help of big details and test them in the air. You will need to destroy various obstacles, and later versions allow you to make your flies more efficient. You failed because of different walls that arouse in front of you, and you can’t help, but smashed into then, and now you can make them vanish, and your flight will continue. There are different flying vehicles, but you don’t have an access to all of them. At first you need to collect enough money, and then buy details that you will need for the construction. You need to buy as much upgrades, as possible, and they will help you to get better and quicker progress. So to say, the longer you play – the more money you can earn.

Then you spend them on improvements and earn even more than you spent. This rule is rather simple, it is like in any business – you can’t achieve any positive result without investments. If you aren’t satisfied with the sky, you can reach even the space, but you need to build a trustworthy rocket, otherwise you will crash to death. No matter what mode you choose, you will be obliged to complete compelling missions, earn incredible bonuses and progress all the time without any stops. You can’t stop upgrading, because they will help you to set your own records that you will later share with your friends, and we believe that they will be eager to try this cool game too.


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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