Learn to Fly 2


A super cool penguin gives you a hug and invites you to take part in his new adventures that are completely irresistible. Learn to Fly 2 part is a new, updated version of your favorite game, and you will find more funny and exciting things there. For instance, in the very beginning you see how your character falls down, and after he is set free from the hospital, he needs to learn to fly again. This is not so easy, and he desperately needs your help. You will have plenty of opportunities to do it, because you have three incredible modes at your disposal. In the story mode you will need to conquer the iceberg that led your character to the ambulance.

This is very difficult, and he is a bit afraid, but you need to do everything to overcome this difficulty. You will have plenty of tools to do this, and do numerous upgrades. The process will be easier, because now he can do crash tests to check his engine before he gets into the sky. The first version allowed using only one vehicle, and now you have four of them. You need to assemble all of them, and learn to fly and to steer. Arcade mode is limited with money, and you don’t earn them in the process.

This sounds rather strange, but you will definitely like the idea of such limitation to learn how to act in stressful situations. And the classical mode just impels to fly the longest distance within the fuel that you have right now. You will be rewarded by cool bonuses and medals that can be bonuses as well. You can achieve this only by completing special missions and tasks, but you will love the process. The gameplay concerns everything that is connected with flying, including distance, speed, height and time of your flight. You can’t say which device or bonus will help you to achieve the goal, so you have to try everything.


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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