Learn to Fly 2017


Penguins can’t fly, that’s a well-known fact. However, some facts can be disproved and this is just the case. It all started when our hero read a web article arguing that penguins are exclusively nonflying. His self-esteem was hurt. So he decided to do everything in his power to change that. Meet the first penguin in history who soared over the ice floe and found out how the South Pole looks from the air!

How did he do it? Very simple! After all, people can’t fly, too, but they do thanks to the latest achievements of air vehicle engineering. And our brave fellow thought he could use that knowledge as well. Gliding across the sky in different kinds of planes and rockets, he strives higher and higher. Despite the difficulties of piloting created by the trembling arrow of the speedometer and numerous objects that can knock you out of your trajectory any minute, he continues his uneasy journey obstinately gaining altitude and hardly giving any heed to small troubles. That’s the spirit! At the end of each level, your points will be summarized so that you could buy yet another amazing powerup to help you achieve better results. You can upgrade to a more efficient fuel type or increase your parameters by wearing a cute pilot accessory.

The choice is yours. With each new tier you overcome, your score grows. And it’s up to you to make it reach sky high, literally and figuratively speaking! Help your protege fulfill his dream and finally feel the wind in his wings. You can’t even imagine how fascinating it is to travel through the atmosphere getting ready to leave the earth and start off to distant stars! This virtual adventure will keep you glued to your computer screen for hours!


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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