Learn to Fly 3 unblocked


This game will give you a chance to spend a few days of your life as a penguin who pursues a very noble and challenging goal – Learn to Fly 3 unblocked. As you probably know, penguins are deprived of this ability. However, there is nothing you can’t do if you just try! Help this nice northern bird follow his dream and support him in the air for as long as possible. Luckily, the laws of physics in this virtual world work in such a way that your charge can bounce over the water hitting it with his large belly. Your part is to control the character’s movements pressing the left and right arrows.

Although it sounds easy, the task can be quite tricky since you have to constantly regulate your angle to stay on the move. If you fail to angle yourself just once, you flight will end in a big splash as the penguin will fall into the sea. Each jump will bring you a certain amount of coins depending on the distance you make. The money can be spent on buying various sorts of plushies available in the store. You can reduce air resistance, ramp up the height of your jump or purchase acceleration. All those upgrades will make it easier for you to reach your goals and strive for new, ever more impressive results! All other penguins will definitely be proud of you!


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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