Learn to Fly 4


Remember a cool penguin with his breathtaking adventures? He seems to have visited all the places he wanted, but still there are locations that he wants to explore. Are you ready to follow him everywhere you see the needed sign? Don’t hesitate a moment, you have a lot of things to do in Learn to Fly 4, a new version of mega hit. Do you know how to build flying machines? Don’t worry, if you’ve got some difficulties with them, because your favorite character will easily teach you everything he knows. You need to get certain details, and you can to this by earning money and buying necessary elements. You can achieve this crucial goal by completing various missions that authors set before you.

Do you like planes or rockets more? You can do both of them in this version, you just need to take care to have the necessary equipment. Do you want to fly under the clouds or above them? Try to build an impeccable flying device, and you will know whether this is possible or not. If you like to follow a story, now you have such opportunity. You need to construct your flying machines and test them, and in case of a crash, fix those things that went wrong. As long as you keep progressing in the game, you will be rewarded. Victory brings you a lot of money, but you need to collect big amount for your upgrades. There are hits from previous versions that deserved an incredible comeback, and you will combine various details to learn what things you are able to build. You will see cool bonuses as well, and they will help you to advance in the game every time you use them. Remember that you can’t earn a lot of money without investing at first, so get ready to but all possible upgrades that allow you to get more money every time.

You don’t have to collect tiny details without knowing where to put them; there are big parts for you to buy and assemble together. You don’t need to land your plane, because you aren’t interested in the destination or taking care about the passengers. You need to fly for the maximum time, and you can achieve this only if you upgrade your fuel system. The graphics is cartoonish, but you can’t say that kids are more interested in the Learn to Fly 4 game more, than adults. This application is very pleasant, because you don’t need to pay for playing it. All you should do is just follow your favorite link and let yourself enjoy the process of assembling different details together and testing the result.


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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