Learn to Fly 6


Of all the birds in the world, there are just a few who can’t fly. That must be really painful. Well, genes can’t be fixed… Or?.. The hero of our game is about to break all the stereotypes and prove to the entire world that penguins can fly! Help him in this daring quest! For that purpose, you are about to use the latest air traveling technologies, from simple gliders to super powerful rockets.

Fly up in the air as fast as you can and try to achieve a record altitude to earn enough points for buying awesome upgrades that will take you even higher! Keep an eye on the meter to avoid a sudden fuel drop and pick your way between multiple objects crossing your trajectory. Once your speed hits the menacing red zone, your vehicle will start stalling putting your journey at risk. So balance and maneuverability are key to success. Clear level after level, improve your piloting skills and discover new, unflied sky paths that will take you beyond the boundaries of our planet and right into the open space!


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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