Learn to Fly codes


Can penguins fly? What about cheat codes? Official science denies that fact. However, our game proves that even these large northern birds designed for swimming rather than flying can conquer the sky. Of course, not without a little help from an experienced pilot like you. So take control of our dreamy character and send him soaring over the icy ocean! At first, there will probably be a lot of failures. Don’t let that discourage you.

Keep trying and you’ll get the hang of the gaming mechanics. Steer your hero with a slide sending him into the distance at the right angle. As long as the penguin keeps hitting the water with his belly, he will be bouncing up and speeding further. One single mistake though – and he will fall into the sea. Sure, he won’t sink – after all, penguins live partly in the water and feed on fish. But our character so desperately wants to fly! So even if something goes not as planned, you need to restart and try over Andover again until it works.

The longer distance you’ll be able to cover the more points you will get. The points are necessary for buying various upgrades and improvements. These powerups will increase your chances of success manifolds. Each level will become trickier and trickier, with a great number of obstacles to avoid and challenges to complete. So don’t be afraid to dare and make one attempt after another. Sooner or later, you will definitely accomplish your goal and fly further than any other penguin has before! It’s only a question of time and persistence!


  • Look, fly, Jump
  • Shoot, click on

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